It’s Official, Geeks Now At The Center Of The Enterprise

Mashable got the big tour of Gatorade’s Social Media Command Center, located in the company’s marketing department outside of Chicago.


Gatorade’s tools are also being used to optimize landing pages and make sure followers are being sent to the top performing pages. As an example, the company says it’s been able to increase engagement with its product education (mostly video) by 250% and reduce its exit rate from 25% to 9%.

Bonin Bough, director of global social media at PepsiCo, Gatorade’s parent company, says, “We believe what we’re building here is an example of a sandbox of tools and processes we can use across the organization.”

According to Marketing Daily, the center has six monitors and five people across different functions. Bough says, “We are asking how do we create a Petri dish for discovering what new technology will mean to the brand; how do we challenge existing realities?”

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