Teens Tell Teens To Be Safe Behind The Wheel, Because Allstate Wants Them To

Elephant Filmworks, a full-service production and post-production film company founded in Chicago, recently produced an eight episode teen-centric web series called “The Lines” for Allstate Insurance.

Here’s the first episode, which was released in January:

Here is episode 2, also from January:

“The Lines” is meant to speak to young drivers and empower them to make the right [...]

He’s Been Right Twice Before. Is Gurbaksh Chahal Also Right About Tracking?

Until today, I had not heard of Gurbaksh Chahal, founder, Chairman & CEO of RadiumOne.

My bad.

Chahal–a serial entrepreneur, who sold his first company at the age of 16 for $40 million–is also an international best-selling author of The Dream, the true inspirational tale of his entrepreneurial journey.

Thankfully, I am aware of RadiumOne. [...]

May MySpace Be A Lesson To Us

My, how MySpace has fallen down and down the rabbit hole of no return.

The site was briefly valued at $12 billion in 2007, whereas today MySpace will be lucky to sell for a fraction of the $580 million News Corp. paid for the site. Because the audience has fled to other, sunnier, shores.

According [...]