Buds Don’t Let Buds Drink Swill, Or Do They?

Have you seen Anomaly’s new work for Budweiser?

Keith Levy, vp of marketing at Anheuser-Busch InBev, talks about the new “Grab some Buds” work in an Adweek interview.

How would you describe the work stylistically?
It’s very visual. . . A lot of the Budweiser work, even if you go back over the years, has been fairly copy [...]

Every Week Is Advertising Week

As part of its Advertising Week coverage, Adweek thrust critic Barbara Lippert in front of a camera to explain disintermediation and how it’s relevant to the agency business.

Speaking of Advertising Week, Dan Goldgeier made a great point about the industry schmooze fest when he said, “I’m not in New York City. For the last [...]

When You Entertain The Family, You Can Also Feed And Clean The Family

Earlier this year, Procter & Gamble and Walmart teamed up with NBC to produce original content in hope that viewers would buy more P&G products at Walmart. According to Ad Age, it was a good investment.

P&G spent $4.5 million alone on the production of “Secrets of the Mountain,” but the packaged goods king also [...]