JPL’s Targeted Classified On Facebook Hits Home

I don’t know much about ad agency JPL in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. But they’re looking for a copywriter–and they’re using Facebook to get the word out via targeted ads.

Now, I had my work information on FB previously, but during the recent switch to link everything to a special “page,” I didn’t want to link my [...]

"Up There" Shows Advertising As Art. Truly.

If you haven’t watched this 12-minute film about hand-painted billboards and the few people left who make them, do it now. And watch in full-screen mode to capture it in all its glory.

UP THERE from The Ritual Project on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Mother New York with support from Stella Artois.

BP Takes Page From The Pentagon’s Playbook, Denies Access To The Press

According to Newsweek, BP, the U.S. Coast Guard and locals now employed in the Deepwater Horizon cleanup effort are working hard to keep the press, especially photojournalists, away from the spill.

More than a month into the disaster, a host of anecdotal evidence is emerging from reporters, photographers, and TV crews in which BP and Coast [...]