Control Is An Illusion Kept Alive By Ego

I think we all know people who hold too closely to ideas they consider their own. Ideas become like babies to these people, and babies need protecting.

Barry Lowenthal of The Media Kitchen thinks it’s a mistake, particularly for agencies, to behave this way.

When people hoard information, they immediately limit the potential for idea generation. [...]

How Clean Can Catfish Be?

According to The Guardian, Catfish Farmers of America (CFA) and the Catfish Institute, are claiming that Chinese and Vietnamese catfish fillets are tainted with pollutants and antibiotics. The institute is calling for country of origin labels on catfish, and the farmers’ body wants the Obama administration to inspect all imports.

But a seafood industry trade body, [...]


Khoi Vinh, formerly ofThe New York Times is often asked his opinions on the cavalcade of publications rushing to the iPad.

Here’s what he has to say about magazines on the iPad:

My opinion about iPad-based magazines is that they run counter to how people use tablets today and, unless something changes, will remain at odds [...]