Justin’ll Fix It

News Corp. was able to rid itself of MySpace just before the end of its fiscal year. The new buyer for the ailing social network is Irvine, California-based Specific Media, an online ad network.

For Specific Media, MySpace’s 34.9 million monthly visitors provide an audience for its network of online ads.

You’ll likely recall that News [...]

Please Convert Your Gratitude To Cash

“Free is just another price, and prices are set by individual actors, in accordance with the aggregated particulars of marketplace power.” -Malcolm Gladwell

Our crowdfunding campaign will wrap up in 15 days. I’ll be relieved when it ends.

I like to experiment with new tools on the web, see how and what works, and why. So, [...]

“Stock” Doesn’t Have To Mean “Bad”

WIN, which stands for Worldwide Image Navigation, is a boutique stock photography agency based in NYC.

As you can see from the agency’s self-promo reel, they’re intent on offering a high quality aesthetic and introducing a “new wave” of stock photography to art buyers and producers.

WIN also conducts an international photo competition (10BEST10), publishes an [...]