Live Webisodes Are Totally Interactive

Tubefilter asked Jason Calacanis, CEO of, a human-powered search engine, about the new “land grab” going on in web shows, and if the internet isn’t over-saturated with content (of all sorts) today.

Here’s his response:

Most podcasts have a life cycle where they publish for three or four weeks consistently, then people do a show every month before finally quitting. The land grab will be won by the people who publish shows for five years-not five months or weeks. Kevin and I both did dozens of shows in our first year-and we’re not slowing down.

Additionally, you have to improve the quality of the show each week, month and year.

One of the things Calacanis enjoys about his show, ThisWeekInStartups, is the opportunity to talk to interesting guests, in studio and via Skype. Here he is last fall with Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV and Vayner Media.

It’s a long show, so I’ll pick out one section that’s worth considering. At about 50 minutes into the episode Vaynerchuk says he sees things early. “Here’s what I see now–the Internet. The people who are watching right now, don’t understand how fucking smart they are. They don’t realize how ahead of 99% of the people they are. I think the Internet is the single most underrated thing in society.”

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