It’s Okay To Say "Humble" And "TV" In The Same Sentence Now

Eat at Joe’s in Redondo Beach paid Stretch Media $5000 to write, produce and help place the following TV spot.

According to LA Times, Eat at Joe’s is one of many small business now able to afford TV, outdoor and digital advertising courtesy of the economic downturn.

…hard times in advertising and media have led to a surprising bonanza for small businesses seeking to market themselves. Across all media, the cost of developing marketing campaigns, creating ads and placing them is down — making marketing more affordable than it’s ever been.

At the same time, as smaller businesses test the advertising waters, they’re providing much-needed work for start-up production companies and graphics artists, and filling space at TV stations, on billboards and in other media that would otherwise go unsold.

According to the 4As, a typical 30-second television commercial costs about $130,000 to make. “Eat at Joe’s,” with 20 shots and 40 actors, would have cost about $200,000 several years ago, Bill Burnett of Stretch Media estimates. The $5000 price was made possible by the use of a digital camera, a one day shoot, a cast of actors willing to work for free and the ability to edit at home.

Generally speaking, I appreciate that TV is a real option for small business owners, but the pricing above needs to be challenged in this way. No one, including actors, should be working for free. Second, client’s need to invest a healthy percentage of their budget in the concept stage of the creative development process. Otherwise the work is just cheap, versus effective and affordable.

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