So Much Better Than A “Like” On Facebook

Eyeglasses purveyor, Warby Parker, did something right. We know this because Marsha, a customer from New Orleans, conveyed her brand love in a box of goodies from the Crescent City.

I’ll take beignets from Cafe Du Monde over a Facebook “Like” every time.

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Jaffe Seeks To Connect Startups With Their Brand Soulmate

After selling his consultancy, crayon, in January of 2010, Joseph Jaffe is back in the agency saddle again. His new company is called Evol8tion, LLC.

Evol8tion aims to change the way brands work with technology-based startups via early stage participation with early stage ventures.

“The startup lives in the epicenter [...] Has Your Back grows one’s confidence in car buying situations. Seriously.

For more on that, let’s view the brand’s new Super Bowl spot from DDB Chicago:

According to Tim Nudd of Adweek:

Ad people will see echoes of Richard Grant’s character in How to Get Ahead in Advertising. To me, it’s a happier though [...]